Campus Heilbronn

Studying at TUM Campus Heilbronn is a one-of-a-kind experience: academic excellence, top-notch facilities and stunning architecture combine here with a truly international student body as well as the proximity to Heilbronn’s city center and thriving job market.

Students sitting on the grass at campus

Embrace Campus Life

One of TUM Campus Heilbronn’s biggest advantages is its size, being home to just a few hundred students. This creates a sense of belonging and makes it easy to meet people: there is a good chance that our Student Service Point staff will quickly know your name. Even though Heilbronn is a mid-size city, it still has a charming small-town vibe. Apart from its tranquil appeal, the Heilbronn Franconia region is one of Europe’s most prosperous business regions. If you are interested in connecting with companies – whether start-ups or global market leaders – you have plenty of opportunity here.

Study the World

Since our entire curriculum is taught in English, TUM Campus Heilbronn is home to students and faculty from more than 50 countries. Our students come from South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Northern Africa and many other parts of the world. Our campus has a vibrant atmosphere and is truly diverse and international. You’ll find that surrounding yourself with people from all over the world will boost your intercultural understanding and your ability to work and communicate with people from all sorts of backgrounds – a skill that is likely to prove invaluable throughout your career.

Exploring the Campus

TUM Campus Heilbronn is a place where you will meet people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, a place where you’ll have an international circle of friends and experience campus life at its best. Unlike bigger cities where student life tends to be scattered or non-existent, TUM Campus Heilbronn is a place where everybody gathers and where you will quickly feel at home. If you want to experience real campus life, we have you covered!

Have your Questions Answered

Exploring the campus is made easy by our Student Services team. Stop by our Student Service Point for information and advice. We assist you with questions or concerns of any kind, whether it’s finding a place to live or dealing with the German immigration authorities (“Ausländerbehörde”).

Virtual Campus Tour

Take a virtual campus tour and get to explore TUM Campus Heilbronn!

Campus Projects

Growing In- and Outside the Classroom

Studying is more than just soaking up knowledge – it’s also about growing as a person, developing soft skills, building relationships, figuring out your future career, and overcoming physical or mental challenges. At TUM Campus Heilbronn, we do whatever we can to offer you a truly holistic study experience. 

Our Student Service Point will support you even before you arrive on campus and will assist you with any concerns, questions, or worries you may have. We’ll help you arrive and settle in. 

At our biweekly Fireside Chats, you can interact with others, meet inspiring guests, discuss various topics and bounce ideas and insights off each other. Our “Buddy Program” matches you with older students who can help you navigate campus life. Our “Career Factory” assists you in understanding the German job market and getting in touch with local employers. We can help you find a German language class, a workout course, or sports team, and direct you to events in arts & culture. Do you need advice or counselling? We are here for you.