Meet our Alumni

TUM Campus Heilbronn is brimming with energy – and that doesn’t only go for its students: TUM opened its Heilbronn campus just a few years back. And yet, its graduates are already thriving – and they have fond memories of their time at TUM Heilbronn.

Former Students Look Back

As part of the first students at TUM Campus Heilbronn Lorena, Pamela, Vivek and Gayatri look back at their studies at TUM and what experiences they gained in Germany. Read their stories below.

"TUM Campus Heilbronn almost felt like a start-up!"

Lorena was part of the first batch of students in our Master’s in Management program. She found brand-new facilities here, met classmates from all over the world – and quickly sensed that studying at Heilbronn would be a unique experience. “Although we were the pioneers, we knew we were entering a very structured university and could count on a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.”


Lorena says she especially enjoyed the vibrant international atmosphere at TUM Campus Heilbronn: There were dinners where all the students brought a local dish from their home countries, and there were picnics and some impromptu singing along the Neckar River. For Lorena, Germany became a place that feels like home – a place with lots of opportunities. As a native of Brazil, she especially values the fact that Germany offers a safe environment.


While completing her master’s degree, Lorena interned at global players such as Amazon and Fujitsu. And she’s certain: She has come to stay.


- Lorena Oliveira, Master in Management, 2020 -

"Feedback is always welcome"

Pamela, who is from Mexico and earned a master’s degree in management at TUM Campus Heilbronn, says that studying in Heilbronn improved her professional skills, but also  helped shape campus life. She was among the first incoming students at TUM Campus Heilbronn and came to appreciate the intimate atmosphere: “We exchanged a lot during lectures. And feedback on our part was always welcome as it was considered crucial for shaping future lectures and even the campus!”

Pamela also recalls long summer evenings in the park, and she says she made new friends with classmates from all over the world. She’s set to launch her career in eCommerce, and eventually wants to work helping people access technology. “Hopefully, one day I can lead a team that does groundbreaking work.”


- Pamela Reyes, Master in Management, 2020 -

"Like studying at a very expensive private university"

Vivek decided to pursue a Master’s in Management at TUM Campus Heilbronn because the program really fitted his needs, but also because studying at Heilbronn came along with smaller classes and a lower cost of living than in Munich. When Vivek, who’s originally from India, arrived, he was amazed by the modern technology in the classrooms as well as the infrastructure on campus. “You feel like you’re studying at a very expensive private university,” he says.

Vivek found Heilbronn to have a very positive, cool, youthful vibe. For him – as for many of his classmates – one of the fondest memories is the annual Dragon Boat Race on Heilbronn’s Neckar River. His class was the first-ever team from TUM Campus Heilbronn to compete in the race. A professor came aboard and played the drum, and the students did their best to steer the boat, but only moderately succeeded. Still, he says, “It was a lot of fun and a great activity to socialize, learn about the local culture, and be part of a Heilbronn tradition.” 

Living with German roommates, Vivek learned a lot about German traditions, Spätzle  and beer. In his free time, he explored the Heilbronn region with its vineyards, hiking destinations and ventured out to nearby cities such as Stuttgart, Heidelberg or Mannheim.

Vivek is now working at Ernst & Young, but is thinking about becoming a founder: “I want to build a start-up, some service or product that can bring about positive change in the world.”


- Vivek Modi, Master in Management, 2020 -

"We soon became a tight-knit group of friends"

Gayatri, too, was among the first graduates at TUM Campus Heilbronn. Looking back at her time there, she says that she loved the small class size and the cozy feeling of a comparatively small student body. “We met the same people every day and soon became a tight-knit group of friends. I don’t think I would have made pals this easily had I studied at a larger university with, let’s say, 300 first-year students each semester,” she adds.

While studying in Heilbronn to earn her master’s degree in management, Gayatri came to love the magic of Heilbronn winters. Having grown up in India, she felt that snowy winter mornings were a real treat: “You don’t see snow in India,” she says. Gayatri is now working as a Program Manager for Co-Innovation at Campus Founders, the entrepreneurship and innovation center of the Heilbronn-Franconia region. “The Heilbronn-Franconia region is home to various family enterprises as well as start-ups, which provided a good stepping stone for my professional career,” she says.


- Gayatri Gautham, Master in Management, 2020 -

Learn More about Ways to Connect with Our Alumni

Since 2020, there is a group of TUM Alumni in the greater Stuttgart area that meets virtually or in real life at regular intervals and organizes joint activities.