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Design Your Business: Jumpstart Your Company

Thinking about starting your own company? Our certificate program “Design Your Business” teaches you what it takes to turn your thoughts and ideas into viable business solutions. You will explore what it takes to build a company and will become familiar with the world of start-ups.


In the process, our 5-week course will guide you along the paths of your very own journey: From ideation to funding, from customer analysis to storytelling and pitch training. You will be working on your very own business case and end up presenting your work to an expert jury, who will provide you with insights and feedback.

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Developing Business Solutions

Launching a start-up and developing new business solutions can be somewhat intimidating. Our experienced faculty – along with experienced business practitioners – will introduce you to methods like Design Thinking and Lean Start-up and guide you every step of the way.


“Design Your Business” is taught online, but you will be able to experience TUM Campus Heilbronn both at the beginning of your training and the grand finale, where you’ll be presenting your business design.

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What It Takes to Build a Company

The program navigates you through the different stages of developing a solid business model: not only will you work on your business idea, but you also deal with the financial side and learn about different forms of funding.


Whether you end up launching your business or not, our certificate program “Design Your Business” showcases what it takes to be innovative and entrepreneurial no matter the field.


At our face-to-face events at TUM Campus Heilbronn, you will be given the chance to meet like-minded people, network, and experience the thrill of outstanding learning facilities.


Caroline Hoffmann
Caroline Hoffmann
Division Director Continuing Education