Our Services for Students

We want you to have an educative, holistic and exhilarating time at TUM Campus Heilbronn during and outside your seminars. That's why we provide a range of services for students, which will support and inspire you throughout your studies.

Student Service Point: Information and Help Desk

New to TUM Campus Heilbronn? Our information and help desk will help you get familiar with campus life in no time. The Student Service Point on TUM Campus is your go-to spot for any questions – stop by and find out more about studying at TUM Campus Heilbronn.


Opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


Contact us:


Phone: +49 7131 26418 699

Buddy Program

Buddy Program for new students at TUM Campus Heilbronn sets you up with a TUM buddy who supports you during your first semester – just one of our many services for students.

For more information click here:



We organize great events for our students, which aim to further develop their personalities, to enrich their studies but also offer possbilities to connect with each other as well as interesting persons and companies.

Fireside Chats

Our Fireside Chats take place every other Thursday at 7 p.m. Join us for an informal get-together where you can exchange ideas and broaden your horizon.


Every now and then we will be joined by a guest who’ll give a brief talk about their life, job or hobby. You, too, are welcome to become a guest lecturer! If you have something to tell, or would like to address a specific topic, please let us know. Your participation is key!


If you want to attend our Fireside Chat, just drop by. Prior registration may be required for special events within the program.


To find out more about the Fireside Chat, our monthly newsletter has you covered. You can also get information at our help desk.

Career Factory

Our Career Factory connects talents at TUM Campus Heilbronn with companies from Heilbronn and the surrounding area.


In addition to an exhibition, our stage program offers interesting information about career planning. The last Career Factory took place on May 26, 2023.  


The next Career Factory will take place in 2024 and further events about Career Planning are in the making - stay tuned!

In the meantime, more tips regarding your career can be found at Bundesagentur für Arbeit and Welcome Center Heilbronn.


Additional Offers

We aim to support our students with special offers and extracurricular activities, which will benefit their physical and mental health, create networking oppportunities and/or will simply create happy moments at and fond memories of TUM Campus Heilbronn. 

Sports & Workout Classes

TUM and DHBW, in cooperation with Heilbronn University and sports clubs, offer various sports and fitness activities (participation depends on the availability of places) as a balance to studying and teaching. You can book the courses via the AStA sports portal. The university sports program at the Heilbronn campus is currently being developed jointly. The service point has taster offers, free tickets, and further information on current events.

Mental Health

Counseling at TUM Campus Heilbronn is provided by Volker Kreß from Studierendenwerk Heidelberg.

You can address issues such as exam stress, depression, anxiety, problems with decision-making, low self-esteem, and more.

Please schedule an appointment by phone or e-mail:

  • Phone: 0173 5853171
  • Office: Bildungscampus 14, building T, Room 1.36
  • Office hours: Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Find out more here.


Counseling and supervision on Campus are also offered by the Church on Campus. Please find out more about their services here.


Apart from our counseling, you can also find support here:


WoMent is a program aimed at female students at the Heilbronn universities. If you’re interested in working with a mentor and would like to benefit from their experience, find out more here:

What to Find on Campus

Several buildings and offers await you on the so called "Bildungscampus", where the TUM Campus Heilbronn is located. 

  • Bildungscampus Heilbronn is one of the most ambitious higher education projects in Germany today, offering first-class facilities for studying and teaching. The architecture on campus is designed to encourage close interaction between students and faculty.


    As a student at TUM Heilbronn, you will get a CampusCard that lets you access a number of services, such as the cafeteria, library and parking.

    • LIV (Learn – Inform – Connect) is the library of Heilbronn University, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Find out more here.
    • As a TUM student at TUM Campus Heilbronn, you can access LIV’s entire inventory.
    • eAccess provides a convenient way to use the electronic media that TUM University Library has under license, such as e-journals, e-books, and databases. Your eAccess is web-based and requires no plug-ins, client software, or special browser settings. Find out more here.


    Access to the library as well as opening hours may differ.

    • Our modern underground cafeteria on Bildungscampus was opened in March 2020 and offers a variety of healthy meals to all institutions on campus.
    • With around 700 m2, it offers space for more than 690 people. Although located underground, the restaurant is flooded with light, thanks to a centrally located courtyard with 56 seats. The cafeteria is connected to the adjacent auditorium building through a tunnel, which makes it easy to cater events. Outside areas are also available for guests in the inner courtyard.
    • University staff and students can enjoy of the lunch offered by Studierendenwerk from Monday to Friday between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm. Studierendenwerk makes an effort to serve up seasonal, regional, fair trade, and organic produce.
    • The cafeteria is located on the campus square between the TUM-Tower, the assembly hall, and the campus bridge.
    • To access the menu click here.
  • Snacks and drinks are served from Monday to Friday between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.

  • For snacks and drinks needed in between breaks, you can find vending machines in most buildings on campus.  You can pay with your CampusCard.

  • Studying late night and need something to eat or drink? Shop 24/7 at and opposite the LIV library. Just register with your CampusCard ID and pay with Klarna or credit card.


    Find out more here.

  • On campus you'll find several spaces, where you can study.




    Think Tanks D-Building


    • On the 1st and 2nd floor Think Tanks are available for briefly discussions, brainstorm sessions or meetings. Please note to keep an appropriate usage time so that others can benefit as well. The Think Tanks can be used without prior reservation.


    Mensa as Learning Space


    • The Mensa can be used as a Learning Space from Monday till Friday from 2.30 pm - 6.00 pm.


    Library "LIV"


    • Learning spaces at the library can be used during the following opening hours:
      • Monday to Friday:
        • 8.00 am - 6.00 pm - with professional staff
        • 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm - reading room opening hours
      • Saturday
        • 9.00 am - 8.00 pm - reading room opening

Finding Accommodation in Heilbronn

We've compiled some useful tips for you to find a place to call home in Heilbronn. Please note that TUM Campus Heilbronn does not have its own halls of residence and all students have to find their own accommodation.

To plan your search for accommodation, these ten districts of Heilbronn have public transport connections:

• Heilbronn (TUM Campus Heilbronn is located in this district)
• Biberach
• Böckingen
• Frankenbach
• Horkheim
• Kirchhausen
• Klingenberg
• Neckargartach
• Sontheim

Possible Accommodations

  • Studierendenwerk Heidelberg offers dormitories in Heilbronn and the Heilbronn region. You’re likely to find an affordable room even on short notice, and they also have a waiting list. Apply online.


    Max-Planck-Str. 27

    Max-Planck-Str. 27

    74081 Heilbronn



    Max-Planck-Str. 31

    74081 Heilbronn


    Cäcilienstrasse 39

    Cäcilienstrasse 39

    74072 Heilbronn

  • There are a number of privately run student dormitories in Heilbronn. Please note that they are all independent of TUM, which is why we cannot vouch for the information stated below.


    Wohnheim W27 (205 single apartments between 20 and 27 m² and 7 double apartments as a shared flat for two persons between 42 and 47 m²)

    Wilhelmstr. 27

    74072 Heilbronn


    Rosenberg Quartier

    Rosenberg Quartier (Südstrasse, Cäcilienstrasse, Rosenbergstrasse, 218 one and two-room apartments with kitchen and bathroom are fully furnished, free high-speed Internet, and offer between 21 and 38 m²)


    WG Sonnenbrunnen (2 shared apartments with 10 rooms, 7 to 19 m²)

    Ludwigsburger Straße 4/3

    74080 Heilbronn


    Shareside Apartments (33 shared apartments)

    Paulinenstraße 41 & 43

    74076 Heilbronn


    i Live Urban Living Heilbronn (single apartments between 23 and 66 m²)

    Schmollerstraße 55/57

    74074 Heilbronn


    i Live Campus Südbahnhof (58 single apartments, 1 double apartment as a shared flat for two persons)

    Happelstrasse 84

    74074 Heilbronn


    i Live Campus Living Paulinenstraße (160 comfort apartments between 21 and 41 m² and 20 penthouse apartments between 28 and 56 m²)

    Paulinenstraße 23-25

    74076 Heilbronn


    PUROpartment (80 comfort apartments 24 m² and 9 penthouse apartments 40 m²)

    Weststrasse 26

    74072 Heilbronn


    THE PLAZE (124 single apartments between 16 and 46 m²)

    Karlstraße 31

    74072 Heilbronn


    Apartmenthaus I (47 single rooms)

    Sontheimer Landwehr 1

    74074 Heilbronn


    Apartmenthaus II (43 single apartments)

    Robert-Bosch-Straße 45

    74081 Heilbronn-Sontheim


    PaulA_Flat (106 single apartments)

    Paulinenstrasse 14/1

    74076 Heilbronn


    RobertA_Flat (80 single apartments)

    Robert-Bosch-Strasse 34

    74081 Heilbronn


    Student Apartments Lohtor (114 apartments between 15 and 40 m²)

    Lohtorstrasse 7

    74072 Heilbronn


    Stay4Job (15 single apartments between 18.5 and 39.7 m²)

    Schäfergasse 3

    74072 Heilbronn


    Meine Studibude (12 single apartments between 18.3 and 27 m²)

    Ludwigsburgerstrasse 4

    74080 Heilbronn


    Wohnraum Heilbronn GbR (70 single rooms in 17 shared flats all over Heilbronn)

  • If you are unable to find an apartment right away, you can consider temporary accommodation at:


    Jugendherberge Heilbronn

    Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3

    74076 Heilbronn

    Phone: 071312 172961

    Please mention the keyword “TUM” when booking and you´ll receive a discount 2 €/night.


    The Rägion – hotel discount for TUM students

    Your parents, relatives or friends want to visit you in your new hometown and get to know the region? Or do your parents want to accompany you in apartment hunting? 

    At you receive a 30% discount presenting your student id or certificate of enrollment, keyword "Studizimmer"

Tips before Renting your Own Place

Before signing a lease, you should always check with your property owner to clarify what is included in the rent.

In private dormitories, it is common to pay a rate that includes utilities and wifi.

If you’re renting a private apartment, you usually have to make arrangements regarding utilities yourself, e.g. for electricity, Internet, and waste collection.


For further information on renting and living in Germany please check here or contact the Service Point Team. 

Waste disposal

  • For further information click here.


Broadcasting Fee

  • After you registered in Heilbronn, you will automatically receive a letter requesting you to pay a mandatory fee of € 18.36 for using the public broadcasting service, even if you don't own a television. In a shared apartment the fee has to be paid only once and not per person. Here you can find further information


Security Deposit

  • Please note that property owners often require a security deposit which can be as much as two or three months’ rent (Kaltmiete). You will get back your deposit once you move out.
  • Before you move in, visit the apartment along with the property owner and write down all visible damages in a handover protocol, so that there are no problems when you move out.

General FAQ

  • You do not get your CampusCard automatically. To receive the card, you must be completely enrolled. Then you will receive an email with the link where you can start your registration and upload your picture. The CampusCard is valid only for the Heilbronn Bildungscampus.


    More information here.


    You will then receive an email and collect your newly printed card at the Service Point shortly after.

  • The students’ printer is located in the D-Building on the second floor, behind the think tank and in the L-Building on the first floor, in the workplace at the sitting area.


    You are allowed to print up to 15 pages free of charge if you log in with your TUM ID.

  • On Bildungscampus is a room of silence that is available for prayers or confessions of faith of any kind. The Room of Silence is located in Building 14, room 1.32.


    More information can be found at: Room of silence.

    • Free and open WiFi is available via the Bildungscampus network welcome@bildungscampus. Access is also possible via the WiFi university-network EDUROAM on all TUM sites. Log in with your TUM-ID plus the ending plus your password.
    • You will obtain your TUM-ID from the LRZ (Leibniz-Rechenzentrum) as soon as you have been enrolled as a student at TUM.
    • More information about eduroam on campus.