Five degree programs, one mission: At TUM Campus Heilbronn, we train digital thinkers and pioneering spirits to best prepare them for future roles in technology-driven companies. The basis is our interdisciplinary approach of combining the fields of management, technology, and informatics. We base our actions on the vision, values, and strategy of the Technical University of Munich, the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology, and the TUM School of Management:


We educate responsible talents. We are curious about discovering something new. We are creators of a sustainable world. It is the details that define us. 

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Together with our students, we are investigating how companies can shape profound and rapid technological change - one of the crucial questions for the future of Germany as a business location. We focus on technology start-ups and medium-sized family businesses that characterize the Heilbronn Franconia region with its numerous "hidden champions".


Throughout their studies, our students get a solid theoretical foundation of management theories and research methods. In addition, there are various practical opportunities to experience how these companies operate and how they are managed.

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Currently, there are two bachelor’s and three master’s programs offered at TUM Campus Heilbronn, which will be expanded even further in the future with a master's program in Information Engineering. In addition, further master's programs are planned.


Are you ready to shape the future? Then start your studies with us and benefit from cutting-edge equipment and the ideal study conditions at TUM Campus Heilbronn. Your future starts here.

  • How are digital technologies changing our lives and our work? In our Bachelor in Management & Technology, you will explore the future and become a specialist in the interface between management and technology. An interesting part of the program are the electives, especially in the fields of Family Enterprise, Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation.


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  • New digital technologies give companies more and more possibilities to collect, network and evaluate information. In our Bachelor in Information Engineering, you look at the entire chain - from the sensor to the IT system to the business model. The degree offers you the opportunity to acquire solid theoretical, practical, and technical skills in a constantly evolving field and prepares them for their role as an information engineer.


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  • In order to effectively lead companies into the future, executives have to remain up to date on the latest developments in digitalization, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and digital currency. It takes a holistic education to succeed. Pursuing the Master in Management & Digital Technology at TUM Campus Heilbronn will qualify you for a career integrating digital technology and management.


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  • You have earned an undergraduate degree in engineering or natural sciences and want to broaden your perspective with business studies? Then, the Master in Management in Heilbronn is the right choice for you. This program is aimed exclusively at engineers and natural scientists. Whether or not you have already gathered professional experience, you will receive a wide range of skills in management, law, economics and business.


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  • Educating the Innovation Managers of the future is the goal of the Master in Management & Innovation. The program is aimed at young professionals who have had their initial professional experience and would like to drive innovation. As a graduate of this unique English-language program, you will develop the ability to foster innovation within organizations.


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