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Research and teaching at TUM Campus Heilbronn aim to build bridges between economics, computer science and engineering in a dynamic, international environment. Excellence in research and teaching meet the exciting, entrepreneurial challenges in one of the most innovative regions in Germany. The aim of the new TUM Campus magazine “Mindshift” is to present these topics in all their facets.

You can now access the print articles digitally through the MINDSHIFT online channel. Immerse yourself in the latest developments and revisit articles from previous issues at your convenience. Stay informed and connected by entering to the MINDSHIFT channel.

  • The new MINDSHIFT (7th edition) is now available. Our semi-annual publication, MINDSHIFT magazine, serves as a window into the impactful research projects shaping the digital age. This edition delves into the intricate web of value creation, spotlighting its numerous influencing factors. Experts share insights into collaborative robotics, exploring the evolving role of humans in this technological landscape. Additionally, the magazine illuminates how lifelong learning contributes substantial value to both employees and companies. As we reach the next chapter, join us in tracking the achievements and discoveries propelling TUM Campus Heilbronn into a future defined by innovation and knowledge.


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  • The sixth edition of the TUM Campus Heilbronn magazine MINDSHIFT is now available and the layout of it has improved.  From now on there will be always a main topic, which will include two-thirds of the magazine. The main topic of this edition is data science. One of the main questions is how data science and artificial intelligence vary from each other. You will learn more about the function and the fields of application of your digital twin. Prof. Luise Pufahl explains the worth of data in Process Mining. See how female students get support from company leaders in the so-called WoMent program. A webinar by the Oxford Internet Institute identifies the dark side of social media and AI.


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  • We are pleased to present the fifth issue of our TUM Campus Heilbronn magazine MINDSHIFT. MINDSHIFT accompanies the activities, offers and impulses of TUM for the Heilbronn-Franken region. The magazine is published twice a year and highlights research, teaching, continuing education and campus life. Central events, such as TUM Talk or the initiatives of our professors, are also an integral part of the reporting.

    In issue 5, you learn more about TUM's expanded endowment agreement with the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, which makes extraordinary and groundbreaking projects possible. The current research of our professors is also exciting, for example on the topic of quality in platform ecosystems or the relevance of system architecture for companies. International collaborations with top universities reached a new level in 2022, and our vibrant campus culture has been enriched by several further offers.


    We hope you enjoy this issue and hope you find it stimulating reading.


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  • We are pleased to now offer you our fourth issue. Learn more about the new cooperation between TUM Campus Heilbronn and the Oxford Internet Institute, take a look at the research fields of three new professors and gain insights into our lively, international campus culture.


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  • Events and guiding activities carried out by the TUM at the Heilbronn Campus are a crucial part of the magazine. You will further find reports on dynamic panel discussions, interesting workshops and even online congresses.


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  • We are pleased to present you the second edition to download here. Find out more about the challenges facing owner-managed family businesses in the issue of succession or immerse yourself in our new program for continuing education.


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  • We are pleased to present the first edition for download here.


    Find out more about the research focus of our professors and what distinguishes us here at the Bildungscampus.


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