Night of Science



Bildungscampus Heilbronn



June 23, 2023
06:00 pm (Central European Time)

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A night to awaken scientific curiosity

Whether racing simulation, AI image recognition or 3D printing, virtual worlds, aging-man suits, or taste experiences - in over thirty stations, workshops, and lectures, a varied program awaits the visitors on June 23, 2023, from 6:00 p.m. until after midnight, which clearly shows the diversity of all institutions on the Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. The Heilbronn association Wissensstadt e.V. with its members will once again open its doors for the third Night of Science. The Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and the HILL, the DHBW Heilbronn and the DHBW CAS, the Technical University of Munich at Heilbronn, the Coding School 42 and the research institutes Fraunhofer IAO and Ferdinand Steinbeis, as well as the boot camp CAMPUS FOUNDERS, will be present. The Night of Science is made possible by the support of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

Program of TUM Campus Heilbronn


6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

in front of the D-Building (Bildungscampus 2)

TUM Campus Heilbronn is characterized by a lively atmosphere, diversity, and internationality. Our campus is home to students from more than 50 countries, bringing different cultures together. Visit us at the TUM Pavilion in front of the D-Building and get in touch with our students.

6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

in front of the D-Building (Bildungscampus 2)

Enjoy energy shots in a test tube. "The bartender" mixes molecular cocktails made of proven natural products such as algae, egg white, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen. Drinks that don't need a glass, glow in the dark or only liquefy on the tongue. Let yourself be amazed!

6:30 pm to 10:00 pm
EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL WORLDS IN THE XR LAB - Different experiments are simulated in virtual worlds at two stations.
by Team Prof. Dr. David Wuttke

XR-Lab in room L.U.13 (Bildungscampus 9)

  • BeerGame VR: The BeerGame VR is a simulation-based learning game that illustrates the impact of inadequate communication and coordination in a supply chain. In a virtual reality version of the game, participants can have an immersive experience, i.e. immerse themselves with all their senses and experience a 3D environment to understand the challenges of collaboration and the supply chain.
  • EngangeVR: EngageVR is a virtual reality platform that enables users to meet, communicate and interact in a shared virtual environment. 
    The app offers a wide range of virtual events, educational and training experiences, and presentations that can be created and used by a variety of users. Come by and actively participate.

6:30 pm
"Typical mistakes in investing - and how to avoid them."
by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Müller

Room L.0.13 (Bildungscampus 9)

Learn what the typical investment mistakes are! In this exciting lecture with Prof. Sebastian Müller, Professor of Finance and Director of the Center for Digital Transformation at TUM Campus Heilbronn, you will learn how to recognize and avoid pitfalls when investing. Whether you're an experienced investor or a newbie, these key insights are relevant to everyone. Learn why we often act impulsively, how our decisions are influenced, and how you can achieve your financial goals. Join us and discover the secrets to successful investing!

7:30 pm
"More productive with AI: Discover the potential of ChatGPT and others for your everyday life."
by Team Prof. Dr. Jens Förderer, Lecture by Johannes Gölz

Room L.0.13 (Bildungscampus 9)

Discover the impressive world of artificial intelligence (AI) and learn how AI can enrich your everyday life and increase your productivity. Using easy-to-understand examples, a wide variety of AI applications will be presented that both save time and support creative processes. The talk also highlights the ethical aspects of AI use and concludes with a collection of useful AI tools that each audience member can incorporate directly into their daily lives to harness the potential of this new age.